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Ah, April. April was so good to us! We had beautiful weather, lots of special family time, field trips, indoor soccer, First Communion…so many things!

We spent as much time as possible outside and I have zero regrets about that! In typical Midwestern fashion, though, we had 80* temps on Easter weekend and, literally, 7 days later for Harper’s First Communion, we had a blustery 50* day!

We continued our Saturday swimming lessons at FOSS Swim School and it just keeps getting better! At the end of the month we received individual progress reports from each kiddo and were thrilled with the progress they’re making and the fun they’re having! We even got ourselves all signed up for the summer season just this week! You can check out their summer offerings, too, by tapping right here. They offer both sessions and camps so there is something to accommodate everyone! You can even use code BAILEY196 to waive your new family fee and to snag yourself a nifty welcome bag!

In case you missed it on insta, I did something big for my business! I bought a hand painted backdrop from a fellow photographer and I. AM. OBSESSED! I’ve been using it for nearly all of my recent studio sessions and am thrilled to have a different (and gorgeous) option to offer my photography clients! It was a month full of Motherhood minis, lots of 12 month milestone sessions and even a wedding so there was a lot of time spent both behind my camera AND my computer.

Will and I have been enjoying morning bike rides after we drop the girls off for school and I am treasuring our one on one time before the girls join us for the summer. There was, as always, lots of beloved hand holding and y’all know I’m still snapping photos every single time it happens. The countdown to the end of the school year is ON and while the kids are excited, I don’t think they’re nearly as excited as I am 🙂 I am so ready to have them back under my roof for a slow, sunny summertime.

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