hi! i am so glad you’re here!


hello! welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet! my heart is so full that you’re here + reading these words. in a world where we are often overstimulated, i am so happy that you’ve pulled up a chair to this table. you’re always welcome here. so, welcome! i’m kelsi. i’m a mama to two sweet little gals, one darling baby boy, and a wife to my handsome hubby Chris. o’fallon is our home and home is my favorite place to be. i consider myself a professional homebody, actually. my photography career began back before i even started college. i worked in a photography studio and spent a summer shadowing the photographer and i was hooked. i’ve been shooting ever since + am truly blessed to capture beautiful bebes + families when i leave to go to ‘work.’

thank you for sticking around + hanging out. perhaps you’re a potential client looking to have your story told, perhaps you’re a fellow photographer, or perhaps you’re a mama with a camera that you have no idea how to use. you’re all welcome here. i love to chat about all things photography-sessions, blogs, film, whatever, so don’t be afraid to say hi while you’re here. i look forward to the opportunity to tell your story through my eyes or help answer any questions that you may have as a fellow photographer on your photography journey.

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