oh, hello you

I am so glad you’re here.

HI! I’m Kelsi

I’m a wife to my handsome hubby Chris + a mama to 2 gals and a little boy. Oh, and we also have a little weenie dog who lives with us in our small town outside of St. Louis, MO. Most would call me a professional homebody because home is my absolute favorite place to be.

My Nespresso is my truest BFF and my favorite season is football season (Let’s go Chiefs!). My math skills are terrible but I do believe I’m thriving on dry shampoo 90% of the time. Chances are you’ll never see me wearing socks unless I’m out for a run and if I’m out for a run, chances are it’s 2000s pop music blasting from my earbuds.

Photography is my love affair with life. It brings us back to our most treasured moments spent with our favorite people. Photos are time machines and that is magical. I am so glad you’re here. Whether we connect as client and photographer, as photographer and photographer, or if our connection is simply mama to mama-there is a seat for you at this table. So pull up a chair, grab something to sip and let’s get cozy.

what I believe in


Chaos is bliss and your story matters. No matter what chapter of life you’re currently cruising through, it’s important to hit the pause button because these are the days.


Your home is beautiful- it’s where your family snuggles and watches TV. It’s where you scoop the kiddos up to read them bedtime stories and it’s the place where Santa makes magic on Christmas morning. Your home is part of your story and I’d love to help you tell it!


Life isn’t Pinterest perfect and your photos shouldn’t be either. They should be genuine. Giggly. Playful. Filled to the brim with light. Give me picture perfect instead.

These are a few of my favorite things
Coffee, a good book, a night in, true crime tv, a long run with loud music, dry shampoo, the wee hours of the morning + football season

Let’s get together