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For whatever reason, when people think about scheduling a family session, their thoughts automatically point them towards the autumn season. And while, yes, autumn is beautiful with its orange and yellow-y goodness and golden light it can also be risky weather wise (especially here in the Midwest where any given October day could be 70* or 30*) and because the daylight hours are shorter, you’re confined to a more specific time frame to capture that desirable and delicious golden light. Between you and me I prefer to opt for spring sessions! I know, I know, call me crazy but hear me out-I’m going to tell you why!

  • The light and colors are so alive during the spring season! Yes, autumn trees boast rich oranges, yellows and reds BUT the window to catch them at their prime is two weeks at best and it can be impossible to know which two weeks that will be in advance. Spring blooms show off from the minute they bloom through the middle of June AND even if they shed their pastel blooms, their greens are still lush and photograph beautifully. Plus, using spring blooms as your backdrop is a much more timeless color palette which means the photos you hang in your house are going to be more classic all year around! Did I mention the light yet? Contrary to the deep, warm golden light that that the autumn season shares, I prefer the romantic, airy quality that spring light offers. It’s a kiss of bliss that illuminates everything it touches and I am team romance every time!
  • Booking a session in the spring allows you to outfit your family in outfits that aren’t season specific. Autumn sessions beg for autumn wardrobe-think chunky sweaters, warm colors and dresses with tights but spring sessions allow you to wear THE flowy maxi dress, a floral jumpsuit layered with a denim or leather jacket, your favorite jeans and billowy top and everything in between! This will allow you to, again, enjoy your photos more all year ’round because they are going to look and feel more timeless. Plus, spring light + florals is the dreamiest combination!
  • I don’t know about your kids’ school and social calendar, but we generally have far fewer commitments in the spring season than the autumn season. Between back to school and soccer and dance and parent teacher conferences and fall balls AND all the holiday commitments that somehow seem to span late October-mid December, finding a time to schedule a family session can be stressful and stress is the LAST emotion I want you to feel when you’re scheduling something so special! There are also more daylight hours during the spring which gives photographers more hours of ample light which likely leads to more availability.

So let’s recap. By booking a spring session, you’re soaking in Mother Nature’s must lush and timeless blooms while ALSO basking in her most luminous and romantic natural light. You can also get really creative with your family’s wardrobe because you’re free to embrace spring color + texture without sticking to the cozy vibes that autumn sessions call for. There are also likely fewer social and holiday commitments during the spring season so instead of adding ‘one more thing’ to your autumn to do list, you’re instead able to add a session more seamlessly into your schedule especially because there are some extra hours of daylight in the morning and the evening. Now, let’s be clear-I’m not trying to discourage you from booking the autumn session that you desire. I’m simply sharing a few reasons why a spring session might be just the refreshment you’re looking for for your next family session. Care to join me for one? Simply click here to get a conversation started or if you want to see for yourself how gorgeous spring sessions can be you can see a handful of them here, here, here, and here!

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