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While poking through my website, it’s easy to find babies, families, maybe a bride here and there..but there is something I don’t chat much about… the small businesses that I have the pleasure of collaborating with!

I mean, did you know that photos of my kiddos and I are on Amazon?! It’s true! I’ve been collaborating with Natemia since their baby goods business began in 2016 and it’s been an absolute thrill to watch them grow! In fact, the owner, Diana, is such a sweet soul that she’s shared a discount code just for you! While you’re clicking through the site you might stumble upon a tiny Aurora or a wee Will but once you add her baby goods to your cart for yourself or the next baby shower you attend (may I suggest the bamboo muslin blanket or crib sheet? Still staples here at our house..) code KELSIBAILEY will save you 10% on your order 😀

It’s also been an honor to partner with several local businesses. As a fellow small business owner, it’s a treat to capture timeless content for businesses that they can use on their websites and social medias. I’d be lying if I said it was all just ‘work’ though. Several of these companies have since become friends of mine and it makes me all the more proud to celebrate and share them! Some of my favorite corporate work can be found at The Dental Studio, Meredith Wealth Planning, Enlightened Pelvic Health, Moonbird Yoga, Liz Rotz Blog and more!

The opportunity to work hand in hand with entrepreneurs to help them reach their business goals is such a unique thrill. It’s totally different from photographing families and newborns but different isn’t always a bad thing! So there you have it 😀 I just thought I’d share a little peek into a corner of my business that you might not have known about because we are friends, after all, and friends don’t keep **too** many secrets!

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