I see you! You’ve booked your session and are somehow instantly overwhelmed with…well, everything that comes next. Can I let you in on a little secret? Photo sessions don’t (and shouldn’t!) have to be stressful! Now, I’ve been on the other side of my camera often enough to know that it feels a little scary and that there might be a lot to stress about like, what are we all going to wear?! What if we’re late to the session?! Quick-hop online and look for some inspo! But first let’s take a deep breath. If you’ve booked a session with me (woohoo! virtual high five!) you’ve got a nifty little guide coming your way to help you prepare and get excited for our upcoming session but perhaps you’re just here to catch a peek at the timeline and whether you’re a client of one or not, this one’s for you.

  • One month prior to session: Sign contracts, pay deposit, schedule session, fill out family questionnaire
  • 3 weeks prior to session: Peruse my blog, insta, and Pinterest boards for inspiration. Screenshot what you love and share it with me! I’m here to serve you so don’t be shy! OH! And now’s not a bad time to start putting your family’s wardrobe together! There’s tons of wardrobe information in the PDF I sent but I’ve also got tons more info here that will walk you through the wardrobe selection step by step for every member of your family!
  • 2 weeks prior to session: Use this week to get your family excited about your upcoming session! Trust me-no one wins if we bribe our children into behaving for the session. Instead, casually bring it up with your kiddos with excitement! Tell them how much fun it will be to meet someone new and explain to them that we’re taking pretty pictures to hang on the wall. Hype it up to be a fun family adventure and chances are, if you take this approach, you are going to love your photos and enjoy your session so much more!
  • 1 week prior to session: If you haven’t finalized your outfits yet, now is the time! If you find that you have questions or want confirmation that you’re on the right track, reach out to me (or your photographer)! When the outfits are finalized, get them prepped if necessary (iron shirts, press pants) and then hang them in your closet. The last thing I want for you is to 1. Wake up the morning of your session and realize you need to hunt down every family members’ outfit or 2. Realize the morning of your session that your kiddo has worn their photo day shirt and now it’s in a rumpled heap on their bedroom floor. A week before your session is also the perfect time to send me (or your photog) any additional inspo that you’ve saved from their socials and pay your remaining balance.
  • Day Before Session: Remember that seed you planted a week or two ago to get your family excited for your session?! Now’s the time to bring it up again and remind them how much fun it’s going to be. If you’re excited, they’ll be excited. Oh, and now that you’ve done ALL THE THINGS to get this session planned, I want to encourage you to take some time to spoil yourself the night before your session. Lounge in a face mask, sip some hot tea, snuggle up with a good book…the planning is complete and all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy the ride!

Sure, you could schedule a session with your photographer at the last minute and scramble to find outfits, bribe the kids with ice cream if they’ll simply cooperate for a ‘few photos,’ and remind your husband how much he DOES, in fact, love you when he gives you ‘the look.’ I’ve done that before and I won’t lie, it works, but your entire session experience will be a much smoother, more enjoyable memory if you bookmark this little timeline and refer to it the next time you book a session! Since you’re investing in your family legacy, my job is not only to capture authentic photos of your family for your legacy, but to make sure you enjoy it every step of the way. If you’d to make some magic together, look no further! Tap here to get the conversation started!

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