In a perfect world, all of your photography questions would be answered with a few clicks through the photographer’s website or an email swap or two but if you’re looking to hire a photographer who doesn’t have an FAQ page or much information about their biz online, here are 10 questions that I think are of the utmost importance to ask before you book them for a session!

  1. What is a client’s typical investment and what does the investment include? Some photographers offer digital files, prints, albums, etc as add ons to their photography investment but others include digital files, prints, albums, etc in their photography investment. It’s important to get crystal clear about what kind of investment you’re looking before moving any further.
  2. How long will our session take?
  3. Do you offer any wardrobe options or do you have any wardrobe inspo?
  4. Do you have a list of locations that you prefer to shoot at?
  5. If a print release is included in the investment, do you have any advice on where to order prints from?
  6. How do you typically organize your sessions? What happens first, next, etc?
  7. What can we expect after our session? How long does it take to get our photos?
  8. Do you offer ‘grow with me’ packages (if inquiring about a newborn session)?
  9. How do you handle inclement weather/rescheduling?
  10. What if I’m not satisfied once I’ve received my images?

Finding a photographer to build a relationship with is so exciting but it can also be scary…especially when you’re spending your hard earned dollars! If you’ve tapped that contact form and find yourself drawing a blank and staring at the cursor, keep these questions handy! Knowledge is power so don’t be shy-your photographer will be glad you’re as invested in your session as they are!

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