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as a professional photographer, i am obviously a huge advocate for photo printing. i print a TON of photos-prints to hang in frames, high end albums for each of my children annually, and our beloved chatbooks. chatbooks are perfect for literally everyone + can be created by literally anyone but if you still need some convincing, here are the three reasons why i love chatbooks.

  1. the cost. chatbooks are a great fit for every budget. at approximately $10/book for 60 images, you’re almost silly to not give them a try. traditionally, photo books are very expensive and while i definitely think there are times when high end photo books are appropriate, i also think that chatbooks allow you the freedom to put the books in an easily accessible place-aka you don’t have to hide them in a shoebox from your kids. our chatbooks live on a mid-level shelf in our master bedroom so our children have lots of access to them and i LOVE that they love to grab them off the shelf and flip through them. since they don’t cost me as much as a high end photo book, i don’t shudder at the thought of them crinkling the pages or, heaven forbid, tearing a page. obviously i don’t encourage my children to destroy them, but, let’s face it, things happen. what’s most important to me is that the chatbooks are made to be flipped through and loved and they are easy on our budget.
  2. the simplicity. chatbooks are simple to order. there are so many options to choose when designing a chatbook-you can sync to one of your social medias and import images that way, you can search your social medias via hashtag and organize your book that way, you can select photos from any album you’ve created on your phone (read more about my photo organization tips here) or you can create an ongoing book series. with a series, chatbooks will keep track of the photos that you post to your preferred social media, and every 60 images they’ll automatically print and send you a book. unlike a high end photo book, there are no design templates to fuss over. there’s simply one image per page + a caption (optional). if you’ve got 10 spare minutes, you can order yourself a chatbook. i promise.
  3. chatbooks get your images OFF your phone and INTO a book. as i’ve mentioned previously on my blog, i have over 30k images on my iPhone camera roll. i would be doing myself + my memories a huge disservice by not bringing any of those photos to life by printing them. but, what am i going to with 30k 4x6s or 5x7s?! the thought of that is overwhelming. on the other hand, there is nothing like holding a tangible photo in your hand no matter WHAT the quality so chatbooks truly has truly helped keep our memories alive. in such a digital age, it’s easy to not print or to only print ‘professional’ photos but my question is-what’s a professional photo?! if the photo means something to you, it deserves to be printed. and chatbooks, with their budget friendly, easy to make books will give your images the love they deserve.

this is not a paid or affiliate post. i am simply sharing it out of the goodness of my heart because i know how important chatbooks are to our family + our memories so treat yourself. download the app and see for yourself. your photos will love you for it 🙂


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