a beloved sister | aviston newborn photographer

this little gal is so loved already that it’s enough to make your heart burst. there’s nothing that fills my happy cup more than a house full of young children. the moment i walked into their home i knew i was in for a treat. and it was a treat indeed. we snuggled, we giggled, and that little darlin didn’t make one single peep the entire time i was there. as an aviston newborn photographer, it’s always a privilege to be hired to photograph a brand new bebe but that privilege is extended when it’s a bebe born into a family that has older siblings. there is something truly magical about siblings and the best part of photographing them is allowing myself to let go of perfection. because that’s when the true magic happens. one of my favorite things to do during a session is ask an older sibling to ‘hold the baby your favorite way’ and it makes each + every photo so unique and hopefully something the family will treasure forever. as they say with young children, the days are long but the years are short and i know this family is soaking in every single moment.

to have kelsi bailey photography photograph your sweet new bebe, be sure to peek through her bebe section of the blog and inquire for availability.

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