a double dose of boy love | breese newborn photographer

can you even handle these two cuties?! It must have been the summer for twins because I photographed FOUR sets of them this month! these two surprised mommy + daddy with their gender but they fit right into their nursery as if it were made JUST for them! now, I won’t lie, photographing twins is always a challenge and newborn twins can be especially challenging but these two made my job pretty darn easy. I can tell they’re going to be lifelong best pals because they were so content just snuggling next to each other. don’t worry, we still photographed them individually as well but tell me-is there anything sweeter than two squishies squished together?! I didn’t think so either. mom + dad made the session even easier and they’re handling the transition with such grace! it was really the loveliest little afternoon session so I am so excited to finally share them with you!

to have kelsi bailey photography photograph your sweet new bebe, be sure to peek through her bebe section of the blog and inquire for availability.

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