a home is where your story begins | breese family photographer

the first time i met this family they had just welcomed their youngest. his newborn session was right before christmas + it was pure magic. fast forward to a year later (where does the time go, seriously) and this family is in a brand new house with a lifetime ahead of them to make new memories in their new space! big brother was so proud of his new room and was such a big helper when it came to snapping some portraits of little brother. and let’s pause there-can we talk about the curls on this bebe boy?! my goodness i am obsessed. i probably could’ve snapped an entire session of just his curls. he also has the sweetest little crinkly nosed grin i’ve ever seen. not to mention, every few shots he’d put one tiny finger in the air to remind us that he is ‘1.’ so stinking sweet.  anywho, after we played in nearly every room of the house, we ended with a little treat right in the middle of the kitchen island. who can argue with powdered donuts?! when i left their house full of love + warmth, there was soft snow globe snow falling from the sky and my breese lifestyle photographer cup was filled to the very tip top.

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