A Peek into my Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring is right around the corner so you KNOW my spring capsule wardrobe has been on my mind! I’m opting for the 333 rule-picking 33 items of clothing (shoes included) to wear for the 3 months of spring (March, April, May). Now, depending on where you live and what your climate looks like, you might define your seasons differently and that’s okay! I select March, April and May for spring season here in the midwest because in February we still experience lots of winter weather and by June it’s generally safe to move into more summer appropriate clothing but, as always, the rules are NOT set in stone. You’ll find your groove, I promise.

There are a few things to consider when organizing your seasonal capsule.

  • First-have you completed your closet sweep? More on that here if you haven’t done your sweep yet!
  • Of my 33 items, I generally leave 2 or 3 spaces available for shoes. Workout shoes are exempt from my capsule shoe spaces (as are my workout clothes-check out the FAQ here for more info on what’s included and what’s not!)
  • Think about your lifestyle and your climate! In your perfect world do you lounge in athleisure 99% of the time? Build your capsule to reflect that. As a photographer, I have to remember to include clothes to shoot sessions in so I don’t stuff my capsule full of yoga pants and graphic tees. But you bet your bottom dollar I ALWAYS have yoga pants in my capsules-just remember to balance your lifestyle! Same goes for your climate! I always add a handful of layering pieces every season to get me through the chilly mornings and super hot afternoons that come and go sparingly within each season. For my spring capsule I currently have 3 layering pieces (a denim jacket, a white cardigan and a brown cardigan)
  • Try to avoid adding pieces into your capsule that don’t serve more than one outfit. If you have one top that only pairs well with one of your bottoms, chances are you’re going to struggle getting through the entire season on your limited creations. Opt for pieces that serve several outfits so that you can mix and match and create great outfits all season long!

So, what DOES my spring capsule look like? Well, let’s take a peek. Currently, I have 3 pairs of shoes, 7 bottoms, 12 tops, 2 dresses and 3 layering pieces for a total of 27 pieces. I’m opting to start with fewer than 33 pieces in case I want to do a little shopping or add a piece from my ‘keep’ pile as the season goes along. Quick disclaimer: I am NOT a fashion blogger so if you’re looking for what’s trending for the spring, chances are, you won’t find it here but I am definitely here to show you that you don’t need to shop what’s ‘in’ for every season to bring a capsule wardrobe to life!

  • Shoes:
    • Brown Mules
    • Chacos
    • Brown Birkenstocks
  • Bottoms:
    • 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of white jeans, 2 pairs of yoga pants (one black pair, one navy pair), and a pair of black biker shorts.

  • Tops: I separated my tops into 3 categories (casual, crew sweatshirts, and work/everyday tops)
    • 4 casual tops (3 tees and one tank)
    • 3 crewneck sweatshirts
    • 6 tops to choose from when I have a session or when I don’t feel like yoga pants and a tee 🙂

  • Layering Pieces: For the mornings and evenings that might be chilly but easy to remove when the afternoons get warm.

A change of season is always a great time to spark some inspiration and give yourself a challenge so if a capsule wardrobe has been on your mind, now’s the time! Give yourself some grace, take a pen to paper and create some outfits based on your potential selections and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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Layering Pieces:

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