a snuggly saturday afternoon | st louis family photographer

we had some fun plans to do an in home session with a few photos outside to highlight the exterior of their new family home but if you know anything about spring in the Midwest, you know we were dreaming. the day of the session we were greeted with chilly temperatures and lots of rain. which, ultimately, ended up working out quite perfectly if i’m being honest. we embraced the opportunity to have a snuggly saturday afternoon in and we had so much fun! we played all over the house. snuggled on the couch, played on the floor, partied in the kitchen, and i just had to use their gorgeous white dining room walls for some extra family goodness! their boys are so sweet + i really soaked up the opportunity to snag some boy time since I myself have two little girls. their family vibe totally spoke to my heart + i know they are going to treasure every single memory that they make in their new home!

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