Lightroom Hack: How to Import Mobile Presets to Your Desktop

GAH-I am so excited to share this because it has been a complete game changer for me! For the first time EVER I am able to streamline my editing seamlessly between my iPhone and DSLR photos which means I can edit both my personal and professional images in MINUTES whether I’m on my phone or my desktop. It’s such a simple process that I can hardly believe I’ve only just now discovered it. So here’s to you, yes you, watching this tutorial right now. Your total editing workflow is about to change and I am so excited for you! Did you know that I have two preset collections right here in my shop? Well, I do, and they’re perfect for both your mobile + DSLR images! Stop fussing over your edits and get back to working smarter, not harder!

Click here for quick video tutorial!

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