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ah, yes, it’s finally time for this little guy’s in home session. i’ve been so touched to have documented so much of their journey before-from their wedding to their birth announcement, then their bebe bump, a fresh48 and now, finally, his sweet newborn session. i’m always so delighted to be welcomed into my clients home because so much of their lives happen there. what’s funny, though, is that when i arrive for in home sessions, the nurseries are often largely untouched. it’s interesting, isn’t it? new moms + dads pour so much love into the nurseries and then in the chaos that follows bringing their little one home, they find that they haven’t spent much time in the nursery they poured so much love into. that’s just one of the reasons why i adore being a st charles newborn photographer. there’s something simply magical about bringing their bebe into the room made just for them that is calm + comforting. not to mention that it’s all new light and colors for the bebes, and in his case, he really enjoyed scoping it all out!

believe it or not, my journey has only begun with this little guy, as we have several more sessions scheduled with him throughout his first year. i can hardly wait to see him again and i look forward to sharing it all with you!

to have kelsi bailey photography photograph your sweet new bebe, be sure to peek through her bebe section of the blog and inquire for availability.

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