I am so excited to post this session for several reasons. The first is that we ended up frolicking amongst the most fabulous fog for part of their session-it was amazing. Secondly, this session was such a great reminder of the way I like to run my business. You might notice that this session has photos from two different locations. On the day of this family’s originally scheduled session, their little gal was having a tough morning. After a rough night of sleep and chilly temps during their session, she simply wasn’t in the mood to play. And you know what? IT HAPPENS! We don’t all wake up on the right side of the bed every single day and I have so much grace especially for families with small children!

After giving it a go, we ended up picking a different date to try their session again. It wasn’t worth it to me, personally, to try and push a kiddo who just wasn’t interested. I pride myself on NOT booking myself solid because, well, things happen, and when they do, I’d rather try a session again than deliver a mediocre session to a family who has invested their hard earned money in my photography. It isn’t a failure on the family’s behalf and it isn’t a failure on behalf of my business..it’s simply life. And you know what? When we met again, sis was in such a better mood and the photos are proof. Mom even texted me not too long after her gallery was delivered to show me how quickly she had hung them on her wall-and man did they look BEAUTIFUL!

Yes, it’s a photography business that I’m running but their session was such a sweet reminder that it’s photography for me first and business second.

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