bonjour, 2021! better late than never

Whoa-does anyone else feel like 2020 was a LONG time ago? For our family, it certainly feels that way in this moment. Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any funkier, we found out in November that my husband was losing his IT job. It truly couldn’t have been worse timing in an already stressful year. He was officially unemployed the week of Christmas and while the holidays were still magical, there was a heavy cloud of uncertainty that clung to us everyday. Even as the highly anticipated new year rolled in, we found ourselves not quite able to let go of 2020 due to his unemployment. I write this with a big sigh of relief though because this story does have a happy ending! He started his brand spankin’ new job in February! Truth be told, it’s a better job, it’s closer to our house (hello NO commute!) and we learned a really hard lesson about appreciation as a primarily one income household.

So with THAT nightmare finally over, we took a deep breath and walked into February with a completely new headspace and just in time because our sweet Will boy turned 1! It seems impossible to believe that he was born just before the pandemic hit and yet, pandemic life is all he’s known. Here’s to hoping that 2021 will be the year he can stroll the aisles of Target or sit in a high chair at a restaurant. Nevertheless, we nibbled on the CUTEST 80s themed cookies from our fave Kati Bakes and snapped photos in his snazzy birthday sweater to celebrate his big day.

As for me? Well, I always love a brand new year and 2021 is no exception! I put less pressure on myself to write a list of resolutions and decided to focus on living more fluidly with my feelings which inspired me to start a little running streak! Inspired by one of my best friends, I laced up my running shoes instead of digging into a box of cheez-its on a cold January evening when I found myself feeling grouchy. Since then, I have made a daily effort to run at least one mile a day and it has been such a lovely little pocket of ‘me’ time that I plan to continue through 2021!

As we enter the third month of 2021, I hope that you’ve found peace + inspiration in the new year so far. With the blog up + running again (that’s a story for a whole other day) I can hardly wait to resume sprinkling confetti into your inbox 😀 xx

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