I cannot believe I read six books this month! Reading isn’t a new hobby of mine, but I have been telling myself for YEARS that I shouldn’t carve out time for something so quiet and blissful in the midst of raising the babes and running my photography business. What I didn’t realize is that it was exactly the hobby I needed AND it fits into my daily routine like a glove. How, you ask? Well, during the day when I’d typically reach for my phone to check my email, text a friend, or scroll mindlessly on the ‘gram, I reached for my nook instead. I’ve also been allowing myself 30 minutes a night before bed to soak in a few more pages and voila…five books later here we are! I picked quite a variety of books this month and can’t wait to share them! If there’s a book you’ve read and LOVED-don’t be shy! Please share! I’d love to add it to my list on goodreads!

  1. Eliza Starts A Rumor by Jane Rosen: This charming little romance/feel good female camaraderie story is easy to read and easy to love. It follows four gals who come together during the birth of a tiny little lie that leaves them all intertwined. It’s full of friendship, scandal and would be a great read for a gal in her 20s, her 60s and everything in between. It’s a 4/5 for me!
  2. Without A Hitch by Mary Hollis Huddleston + Asher Fogle Paul: This book is light and modern. It follows a high end wedding planner through her often messy day to day life as she struggles to bridge from college grad to ‘grown up’…whatever that means. It’s a feel good story that’s both sweet and sour. 4/5 for me!
  3. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry: This book is DARLING. It is witty and I laughed out loud, audibly gasped and cried while I read it. It follows a pair of best friends (Poppy + Alex) and their splendid summer adventures (vacations). While they couldn’t be more different, you’ll find yourself rooting for them to FINALLY fall in love…but will they? You’ll have to read to find out…5/5 recommend!
  4. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah: If you’re looking for a book to hit you in ALL the feels..this is it. It’s a novel set in WWII that follows a troubled relationship between a father and his two daughters during a time of war. The book is very raw and while it is 608 pages I finished it in four days. I could NOT put it down. It’s not as easy to read as any of the aforementioned (emotionally) but it is a must read for me. 5/5!
  5. Open Season by C.J. Box: This is a series that my dad recommended to me and since my dad and I are so much alike I had to take his word for it and give it a read! Open Season is the first of 20 in a series that follows a Wyoming game warden, Joe Pickett. He loves his job and his family and everything seems to be going just fine until he finds a man-dead-in his backyard. But had this man come across his path before? And why isn’t anyone else as intrigued by the murder as Joe? No RomCom vibes here but it’s definitely a read that will keep you on your toes and the twists WILL surprise you! 4/5!
  6. The Institute by Stephen King: I love a good Stephen King novel and while I find myself always losing a smidge of interest towards the middle of his books (they are SO long!) this one was a good read! It has a very Strangers Thing vibe to it- a very gifted boy is taken from his home and put into a place where he is poked and prodded to encourage/discover/enhance his telepathic/telekinesis abilities. Between his peers and one brave institute employee, he has a wild idea that may just save them all. 4/5 for me!

Whew-what a month! I’ve already got my nose in a Matt Haig novel to kick off the month February-stay tuned at the end of the month to hear all about it and happy reading to YOU!

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