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books are some of my favorite sources of inspiration. i love that i can read them, put them on my shelf, and then reach for them again at a later date to be inspired all over again. as creatives, there is always room to grow + always something new to learn so if you’re looking for some inspirational reads, here are my top four!                                                                                                2019-04-18_0035

  1. the unforgettable photograph by george lange. this book is chalk full of information + inspiration for any photographer at any level. he goes so far as to say that the book contains ‘228 ideas, tips, and secrets for taking the best pictures of your life’ and he is right. lange is so transparent in his instruction and as you’re reading through the pages, you feel as if you’re a personal friend of his. he lists all of his camera settings for each of the images + i find that especially helpful. it’s split up into 11 chapters and covers everything from iPhone photography to high end commercial photography.i think i’ve read this book cover to cover at least four times and every time i read it, i take away something new. if you’re a brand new photographer, this is the perfect book for you. if you’re an experienced photographer, this is the perfect book for you. if you’re any photographer anywhere, this is the perfect book for you. 2019-04-18_0023
  2. the design aglow posing guide for family portrait photography by lena hyde. this book was a huge game changer for me when i started to get serious about my business. it is 218 pages full of photos that encompass all editing styles which i found really refreshing. it also chats a little bit about ease pose that they’re presenting and why and how the poses work. the photographer presenting the pose will also go into details about where their light was coming from and whether or not they used any additional reflectors or light sources. in addition to all of the great information i’ve already mentioned, they also add extra tips throughout the book. this book also lists all of the camera settings for each image, which, again, i love. it is split up into four sections including newborns + babies, children, siblings + families so if you’re looking for any kind of portrait inspiration, look no further.             2019-04-18_0031
  3. the design aglow posing guide for wedding photography by lena hyde. now, before you skip this because you’re thinking ‘i’m not a wedding photographer’ let me stop you right there. i’m not a wedding photographer either, yet i still found this book rich with information + inspiration. like the design aglow posing guide for family portrait photography, the posing guide for wedding photography is split up into four sections including engagements, brides, brides + grooms, and wedding parties. all of the poses are presented with tons of information about the light, why and how the pose works, their camera settings and additional tips. while the images themselves are wedding images, the poses are not wedding exclusive. they can be used for families, siblings, headshots, etc. so you really owe it to yourself to read through this even if you aren’t a wedding photographer.                                                                                                                                           2019-04-18_0030
  4. capture the moment by sarah wilkerson. the cover of this book also reads ‘the modern photographer’s guide to finding beauty in everyday + family life’ and i couldn’t have put that more eloquently myself. sarah wilkerson is the CEO of clickin moms so you know it’s going to be packed with gorgeous images and powerful words. it’s split up into six sections including natural light, composition, storytelling, fine art, black + white, and low light. this book features a plethora of photographers so no matter what your style, there’s bound to be something you’ll love. all of the images are accompanied by great tips + tricks and the camera gear + settings are also listed. what i love most about books like this is that they’re great just for flipping through for inspiration. something that you skim over one time might jump right out at you the next time so i never keep my copy of capture the moment too far out of reach. 2019-04-18_0033

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