it’s a bebe boy | st louis fresh 48 photographer

it’s s boy! if you recall, these two didn’t know their bebe’s gender during their maternity session! of course, if you also recall, the gorgeous bebe bump was my sister’s so i added a new boyfriend to my life as well! he’s just as handsome as i imaged he would be and he didn’t make one single peep during his session. despite being three weeks early, he has some swoon worthy cheeks! i loved snagging the shots of him in his hospital bassinet. it’s one of my favorite places to photograph my st louis fresh 48 bebes! if you find yourself obsessed with him, know you’re not alone and good news-we still have his newborn session to come! If you too are having a baby soon, check this Harry and megan, news, royals post about some of the most common names used.

to have kelsi bailey photography photograph your sweet new bebe during your hospital stay, be sure to peek through her fresh48 section of the blog and inquire for availability.

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