• Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover: I couldn’t put this one down. Tate moves into her brother’s apartment to take some local classes and it turns out that the world’s sexiest guy, Miles, lives right across the hall. But he’s off limits. He doesn’t speak about his past and is stern in his desire to never fall in love. Ever. Luckily, him and Tate don’t get along at all anyway so it shouldn’t be too much trouble…except that their mutual physical attraction is undeniable. Through a unique arrangement, Tate and Miles embark on an intimate with no strings attached relationship and it’s all going smoothly…until it isn’t. Dark secrets are uncovered and you literally can’t put this one down until you get to the bottom of it. 5/5.
  • Meant to Be Mine by Hannah Orenstein: This was my book club’s monthly selection. I’d say it was a largely predictable romance novel. Edie, a 29 year old woman, wakes up on a June day in 2022 knowing that it was going to be the day she met THE one. Ever since her grandmother had a vision of the exact day that she met grandpa Ray, she has successfully predicted THE day for the rest of their family and even some of her closest friends. When Edie meets a handsome man on her flight to her sister’s engagement, she knew he had to be the one. However, she can’t stop thinking about her ex and can’t fight the nagging feeling that something doesn’t feel quite right. Flip through this quick read to find out what happens to Edie and her predicted love life. 2/5.
  • The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides: Per the book’s title, this story revolves around a silent patient-a woman (Alicia) who murdered her husband and hasn’t uttered a word since. With her and her crime a bit forgotten, therapist Theo Faber is thrilled for the opportunity to work with Alicia. Just when you think the story’s been tied up with a pretty blue ribbon and Theo’s made a breakthrough, some unexpected things happen. This book will have you chatting in your book clubs and reading all the online reviews..you’ll HAVE to see what others think of the ending! That being said-when you finish it, let me know what YOU think! 4/5.
  • Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover: This was QUITE the story. Kenna, who has just served a five year prison sentence, returns to her hometown to reunite with her four year old daughter. Unfortunately for her, the town, and everyone in it, seems to have turned their back on her. In a way, she can’t blame them, given what happened, but whatever happened to forgiveness? An evening at the local bar introduces her to Ledger, the bar owner and only person in town who seems to give her the time of day. Surprising twists and turns will have you cheering for Kenna and hugging your loved ones a little tighter. 4/5.
  • Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt: On the surface (pun intended) this book seems a little strange. A novel about an octopus? Well, I’m always down for something a little different so I dove right in (pun intended.) What unfolded was a beautiful story that’s sure to capture your heart. It sure captured mine. The aquarium’s cleaning lady, Tova, has faced both the dead of her son and the death of her husband. As she moves on, she performs her daily routine the exact way she’s always done it, really. The story weaves in and out between her venture to find a new chapter in her life, a young man who is searching for his father in vain, and a remarkably bright Octopus (Marcellus) who lives at the aquarium. Marcellus and Tova form an unlikely friendship and he ends up helping Tova find the peace that she’s been craving. If you’re looking for a refreshing, yet somber (but in a feel good way…?) book to end the summer, look no further. 4/5
  • Every Summer After by Carley Fortune: This book is the perfect breezy summer novel that’s a summer must read, in my opinion. Persephone (Percy) has a life that includes a chic city apartment, editing job with loads of potential, a best friend, and the world at her fingertips. What she doesn’t have, though, is her VERY best friend-Sam- she met him when her and her family bought the lake house next to his when she was 13 years old. Summers spent at the lake house, taking daily dips into the sparkling lake, sitting among Sam and his medical books, she was the happiest she’d ever been. But things change, people grow, and when Sam moved away and went to college, Percy made a decision that had kept her and Sam apart for the last decade. However, the story begins with a phone call from Sam’s brother..Sam’s mother had passed away and Percy knows she has to head back to the idyllic lakeside town and face Sam after all of these years. Will he accept her decade old secret? You know you want to find out…5/5.

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