LET’S DAY I DO | St Louis Engagement Photographer

You know me-I love sharing about my relationships with my clients and I think you’re going to love this story. When this gal was in high school, I coached her club volleyball team and then when she was a senior in high school, I took her senior photos! My photography business was juuuuuust getting started and MAN did we have fun! I love that we were already friends and that she trusted me enough to photograph her senior portraits! Little did I know that our journey together as client (read:friend) and photographer would come full circle years later.

Fast forward to now-she’s met the man of her dreams, lives in the city of her dreams and she’s invited me along to celebrate her WEDDING with her. When you adore someone so much and they tell you they’re getting married AND invite you to capture their wedding and engagement photos….you cross your fingers and hope that the guy is going to be a delight. Truth-he is an ABSOLUTE delight. 110% perfect for my gal! The 3 of us hit it off and walked all over Lafayette Square in St. Louis. They shared with me their love story and some of their wedding details and it was bliss from start to finish. If the wedding day is ANYTHING like their engagement session day then we are all in for a really big treat. And if they look half as gorgeous on their wedding day as they do in these photos…then holy smokes..we will be in for a REALLY BIG TREAT x 2! I can hardly wait for their big day! I can’t think of two people more deserving of a gorgeous April wedding!

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