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it is no secret that in home sessions are my absolute favorite sessions. of all time. ever. people live + love in their homes in a way that can never be captured at a park or white barn. and the images are so timeless and raw in the very best way. therefore, when this mama inquired about an in home session, my heart soared. the truth is, bebes grow and if we aren’t intentional about documenting pieces of our everyday life, we’ll soon forget the little pieces. we used up nearly every square inch of their house during this session. we hung out in the master bedroom, the living room, we jumped on the bed in little sister’s room-heck, we even snuggled in the basement for a little bit. if it’s a space you hang out in together as a family, it’s a space worth documenting and this mama embraced that idea every step of the way. as a family, they were an absolute joy to photograph, and as a fellow mama i was so happy to delivery a gallery full of images of her + her loved ones nestled right in their happy place. the pleasure is truly all mine.

to have kelsi bailey photography photograph your family in your happy place, be sure to peek through her family section of the blog and inquire for availability.

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