Spring is on its way here and I am SO ready! March was a super fun month and I can’t wait to fill you in on what we were up to! We got a few glimpses of warmth this month and I am feeling grateful for the opportunity to get outside! Will has been asking to ride along in the jogging stroller while I run so we got back into the swing of that-he also likes to ride along while I walk and look for ducks. He’s a boy who knows what he wants and while he’s home with me, I am HERE for his requests. Perhaps it will inspire me to run another half marathon this spring….?

Rory has a June birthday but her kindergarten teacher (who is the absolute sweetest) sent a note home informing us that they would celebrate her birthday this month at school! She got a whole day to bring treats, wear the birthday crown, and, the part she was most excited about, she got her own birthday bear book! All of her classmates drew her a picture for her birthday and her teacher covered the drawings with wrapping paper and bound them together in a book so she could flip through and ‘open’ her gift from each of her classmates! It was such a special day for her and I LOVE that her teacher is so sweet and thoughtful.

The kiddos started swimming lessons which is REALLY exciting! We have a neighborhood pool that we walk to almost every single day during the summer but, plot twist, I can’t swim. In fact, I’m scared of the water-so scared that I don’t even get my face wet in the shower. My kids (ages 7, 5, and 3) still wear their water wings but with the summer looming, I enrolled them in swimming lessons to ease my fears and to give my kids the skills and confidence to swim on their own! All 3 of them are taking lessons once a week at FOSS swim school and we are FOSS obsessed. The girls are in the same skill level class and Will is in the beginner course but their lessons are all at the same time and it’s been such a fun family affair every Saturday morning! The facility is equipped with a great lobby where you can watch your kiddos swim-plus there’s a kids area with books and a TV so if you’ve got some kids in the pool and some in the kids area you can keep an eye on ALL of them. Their changing rooms are clean (like, really clean) and once you step into the pool area, there are 2 shower spots available where the kids pop in prior to getting in the pool for a quick rinse. Then the kids hop into their assigned lanes with the teachers and away they go! Both teachers we’ve met have been patient and knowledgeable. They fill us in on their progress following each class and I think that’s awesome! Will has struggled a bit with separation but in addition to their teachers, they also have great helpers that have managed to come over and encourage Will to get into the pool each time! Once their lessons end, they take a quick rinse off in one of the shower spots and then they toss their wet suits into suit dryers. The suit dryers are SO cool-toss in a wet suit, push down on the lid for 10 seconds and voila-your suit is dry enough to toss in the bag and head home! Next we blow dry our hair (yup they have blow dryers right on site!) and away we go! I have so much more to write about this but have gone on enough about it for now! You can check out their schedule here if you’re interested in enrolling and if you do, they’ve shared a code with me that will wipe away your ‘new family fee’ AND they’ll send you a welcome bag! Code BAILEY196 will hook you up with all the goodies!

Outside of that we just enjoyed random shenanigans! Birthday parties, coffee dates, soccer games, family dinners and of course, hand holding 🙂

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