I have been celebrating with this darling family for an entire year. Even as I type it, I can’t believe it because it simply flew by. It felt so full circle to celebrate his 12 month session because in home is where it all began when he was born. I am SO obsessed with all of the expressions that he shared while eating his cake. In fact, can I tell you a secret? Mom shared with me that his cake was actually a giant SAMS muffin with the top cut off. Mind. Blown. But back to all of his expressions…can you even handle them? I know I couldn’t. I giggled the whole time he was dipping his little fingers into the frosting and every time he popped a finger in his mouth he reacted in a different way. It made for THE cutest session and I am so honored to have been a part of it. We even wrapped with a little sink bath because why not?

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