I am always happy to see this family! We met in Maryville this time and captured some of little sis for her 6 month milestone, some updated family photos, and some sweet sisterhood photos. They didn’t know the gender of their babies so I am still letting their sisterhood bliss soak in! Their girls remind me so much of my girls when they were younger and it just warms my heart to capture their magic! It’s so amazing to have clients that just trust me to photograph their kiddos the way I photograph my own-blessings counted!

Want to see what this family looked like just a few months ago? Sis’s 3 month session is right here juuuuuust in case you want to step into the time machine! And if you’re inspired by this family’s session, let’s chat! I would love to serve you + your family while capturing your magic along the way.

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