small town sweethearts | germantown family photographer

want to hear a crazy story? the gorgeous mama in these photos is the very first friend i made when i moved to illinois twenty years ago. now, twenty years later, she’s still one of my dearest friends + i am so touched every single time she asks me to photograph her beautiful family! their sweet boy’s fourth birthday was the inspiration for this session. it’s so hard for me to believe that he’s already four years old, but hey, i never say no to a celebration so off we went to my most favorite road for their session! family photography is my favorite because interactions between mamas, dads, and their littles is so precious and so unique to each family. this little guy is so beloved. he brings his mama + daddy so much joy and i think it shows in each and every image. i even let him pick his own poses at the end because, if i’m being honest, he was such a good listener i plum ran out of poses for him to do for me! it was SUCH a feel good session and it always feels great to catch up with such a close friend after i put the camera away! enjoy a little peek into their perfect family session!

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