The year was 2020. The month was March. I had just delivered a baby boy in the middle of February and everything had just shut down thanks to COVID 19. In a shopping mood, I tossed a gua sha stone into my cart while I was stocking up on my other skincare faves because eh, why not. I had no idea that the stone I haphazardly tossed into my cart would change my entire nighttime skin routine…for the BEST.

If you’re unfamiliar, gua sha is an ancient healing technique from traditional Chinese medicine. Using a gua sha stone, you can rejuvenate your skin by using the stone to administer a gentle facial massage (or, as some would say, a yoga workout for your face!) By massaging both your neck and face, you’re supporting lymphatic drainage, calming the nervous system, relieving muscle tension, clearing congestion, and increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients right to your skin. I love gua sha because you feel both immediate stress relief and over time, you’ll come to realize you’ve been double dipping all along as your skin begins to glow, your fine lines begin to melt, and the overall health of you skin shines from the inside out.

What started as a nightly stress relief practice during a pandemic has turned into my favorite step of my nighttime routine and something that I shout about from the rooftops! So what have I noticed, exactly, now that the year is 2022 and the month is March..which means I have been gua sha’ing faithfully for TWO YEARS?! Well, let me tell ya.

After cleansing with the cleansing oil (and double cleansing with the plumping bar, if necessary), toning with the everything spray, and applying the plumping serum, I reach for my gua sha stone. As I mentioned earlier, the very first time you perform your gua sha practice, you will feel the tension melt away immediately. At first, this was all I thought I was gaining from my practice and I wasn’t complaining..a little nightly stress relief wasn’t going to hurt me at all! However, as I continued my practice I began to notice that my acne scars were diminishing. I also began to experiment with active acne and gua sha. I found that massaging the area around an active pimple actually shortened the duration of the active acne and helped relieve the painful pressure that my hormonal acne caused from time to time. And dare I say it…but the lines around my eyes HAVE softened and as a woman in my 30s I will happily take all of the fine line melting that I can get. Nevermind that my gua sha practice takes less than 10 minutes to complete every night and it is truly my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day-that, to me, is priceless.

Call it getting stoned (gua sha stoned, of course), call it granola, call it holistic, call it what you will but I cannot imagine a nighttime skincare routine without my gua sha stone. It has truly transformed my skin and the practice has encouraged me to take a few minutes of quiet just for myself to unwind and get gua sha stoned. You deserve your BEST skin and 10 minutes at the end of each day to dedicate to no one else but you so zip over to their site now and toss your own Gua Sha stone into your cart-less haphazardly than I did-and don’t forget that code KELSI.BAILEY10 will save you 10% off your entire purchase!

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