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As it stands, I have 43,593 photos on my iPhone camera roll. My camera roll includes all of my iPhone photos and it also includes all of my favorite photos…period. The photos that I edit from my DSLR are always emailed to myself so that I can save them to my camera roll. This is helpful when I need to print something in a pinch and honestly it just gives me peace of mind to know that my images are living in a couple of extra places. BUT-what in the world does one do with 43 THOUSAND photos? I can’t possibly frame them all and while many of them do make it into our Chatbooks, the memories are still too beautiful to just leave sitting digitally on a device. So-without further adieu here are my four favorite tried and true ways to display and enjoy as many photos as possible in ways you might not have considered before.

  • A Digital Photo Frame: My husband gifted me this digital photo frame for my birthday and I am truly obsessed. Actually, obsessed would be an understatement. It was SO easy to set up and it takes just a tap or two to add new photos so it doesn’t even take much extra time to truly enjoy it. The storage is unlimited and there are tons of customizable settings. I currently have 2,934 images on my frame (and counting) and a new image shuffles in every 15 seconds. It also has an auto on/off setting so mine turns on at 7AM and displays photos until 7PM when it automatically shuts off. It’s all done via a super easy to use app and I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about it!
  • A Locket: I have several pieces of Made by Mary jewelry that I adore but my absolute favorite is my locket. It fits two miniature photos inside and, honestly, adding photos to it was easier than I expected. I decided to celebrate my children inside my locket so I put a photo of the 3 of them from the day we brought my youngest home from the hospital and my most recent professional photo of my 3 kids together inside. It’s a truly sentimental piece and I know you’ll love it just as much as I do.
  • On Your Apple Watch: These days, apple watches are just as popular as our iPhones but did you know you could use the photos on your iPhone as a face for your watch? It’s true! Simply launch the watch app on your phone, tap the ‘Face Gallery’ option-it’s the middle option along the menu on the bottom of the app-and scroll down, down, down until you see the ‘Photos’ and ‘Portraits’ option. From there, you can select an album to draw the photos from and voila-your watch will now show off your beloved photos all day long!
  • A Gallery Wall: I move decor around our house all of the time but the one thing that is always on display is our photo gallery wall. As it stands, we have 3 rows of 4 photos and I try to swap the photos out at least two times a year. It was a bit of an investment up front to purchase the 12×12 frames and the mats that allow 8×8 photos but it’s been a lovely ROI because we have enjoyed it for years by simply swapping out the prints.

Listen-I know you have tons of photos that you love that you wish you could view, enjoy, and display better and more easily. I hope these ideas have sparked some inspo for you-photos no longer have to feel stuffy or formal tucked into frames (unless, of course, you’re opting to design a gallery wall :D) so as far as I can tell, when it comes to displaying your photos, the more, the merrier!

Sharing is caring, y’all so by purchasing from some of these affiliate links I may earn a commission which is super great because then I can continue to buy and share my favorite stuff here with you!

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