10 Things to Do Instead of Reaching for Your Phone…Again

Do you ever swipe left from the home screen on your iPhone+ find yourself staring at that ominous ‘screen time’ number? I’m taking a look at mine right now and I see that I’ve spent 3 hours and 23 minutes on my phone in the last 24 hours. Now, let me be clear. I love scrolling instagram just as much as the next person BUT I’ve been keeping an eye on my screen time number lately and it’s been a real eye opener. By clicking the ‘screen time’ box, I was further introduced to a TON of additional information about my phone habits-like how many times I pick it up, how many minutes I spend in each of my apps, etc.

I am a huge believer in unplugging, especially on the weekends, so if this sentiment is resonating with you, you’re not alone! I want to spend less time on my phone and more time looking at what’s in front of me in real life. On the weekends, I step away from Instagram. I scroll through on Friday night before bed and I don’t typically log in again until Sunday evening. It is so refreshing to spend the weekends more focused on intentional time with my family vs scrolling my feed. If this sounds like you but you’re not quite sure where or how to begin-I’ve compiled a list of things you can do when you find yourself reaching for your phone. Instead of picking up your phone, try:

  1. Having a 5 minute ‘pick up party.’ Set a timer and de clutter a space that needs a little TLC or simply tidy up the things that are currently out of place. You’ll be shocked at how much you can get done in 5 minutes when you aren’t half cleaning/half scrolling.
  2. Turning on some music and having a dance party! Meghan Trainer says it best in her song ‘Better When I’m Dancin’
  3. Doing the opposite of a dance party and turn everything OFF. Close your eyes, quiet your mind, set a timer for a minute or two, and let the silence soak in.
  4. Curling up with your kiddos and reading a book or grabbing a book of your own and reading a chapter or two.
  5. Putting pen to paper + jotting down a few quick thoughts.
  6. Applying a face mask. My personal favorites are the clarifying and plumping masks from Primally Pure, found here. They’re amazing, trust me!
  7. Giving your closet a face lift. See anything in there that you haven’t missed in the last 6 months or so? Donate it!
  8. Leaving your phone inside and sitting outside. Enjoy the sights and sounds of your surroundings with no distractions.
  9. Exercising your mind. Put together a puzzle or do an old school crossword puzzle.
  10. Exercising your body. Take a walk, do 100 jumping jacks, try a yoga class or ride a bike.

I promise, all of your social medias will be right there when you’re ready to plug back in! Enjoy your new, blissful habit and thanks so much for being here in my favorite little corner of the internet!




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