Summer Prep Checklist | 10 Must Have Items for You and Your Kiddos This Summer

We may be doing more sprinkler play than swimming pool this summer but we aren’t about to let the pandemic bring us down! Whatever you’ve got on your summer agenda, my summer prep checklist has got ya covered. Wishing you all a safe + HEALTHY summer!

Summer Prep Checklist:

  1. Supergoop Sunnyscreen Sunscreen. With three kiddos 5 and under ALL with super sensitive skin, a mineral sunscreen is a must for me. Supergoop Sunnyscreen has an EWG rating of just 2, it’s made in America and is water resistant. I’m giving the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen a whirl for myself this summer. It’s been a great brand for my kiddos and their sensitive skin so I’m excited to try it for myself! With an EWG rating of 2, it’s a no brainer! For those who prefer a spray sunscreen to a lotion, Banana Boat Simply Protect Baby Sunscreen Lotion Spray is also a great choice. The Banana Boat brand has an EWG rating of 3 and my husband prefers a spray sunscreen so we have both in our cabinets at home!
  2. Kortni Jeane Swimmers: These have been worn + adored in in our family for YEARS! Their mix and match styles are to die for and their high waisted bottoms are a mama’s swimmer dream come true. And you can bet your bottom dollar I will be grabbing Will some of their Euro trunks ASAP 😀
  3. Wristlet Diaper Bag/Changing Pad/Wet Bag: This may very well be my favorite thing on this list. This bag feels like it has infinite uses. What I love the most about it is that it has a wristlet strap so that you can toss it onto your wrist and head out the door-HUGE game changer when you’re talking about doctor’s visits, trips to the pool, or any of those trips that don’t quite require a full diaper bag. It has a changing/snack pad that snaps on and off the back of the bag and a zip pocket on the front for cell phones, car keys, hand sanitizer, etc. The inside of the bag can also handle wet clothes-think swimming suits, messy baby clothes, etc. I won’t be walking out the door without this bag this summer.
  4. Organic Hand Sanitizer: It goes without saying that we’re all using more sanitizer now than perhaps we ever did. I love this one because it’s organic and comes in a spray bottle. I use it for our hands but I also spray it onto surfaces (changing pads, coffees from the drive through, mail, etc) and feel zero guilt because I can read all of the ingredients on the label. My friends at Primally Pure even hooked me up with a discount code so that you can grab all of your organic goodness (and items 4-6 on this list) at a discount! Use code ‘kelsi10’ at checkout!
  5. Everything Spray: As the name implies, this spray is good for, well, everything. I use it as a facial toner but it’s also great for bug bites, minor cuts and scrapes, sunburns, or even for a quick refreshing spritz after a workout.
  6. All Natural Deodorant: Bring on the sweat but bid farewell to the toxins! One of the smartest things I’ve done this year is switch to all natural deodorant. You can read all about that journey here.
  7. Bike Shorts: I’ve been waiting 20 years for these to come back in style and WOOHOO it’s been worth the wait! plus, they’re only a little over $15 when you use code ‘keb20.’ Aerie also makes a super comfy bike short as well.
  8. S’more Casserole Recipe: I love casseroles because they are fool proof and require nothing more than tossing the ingredients into a pan and popping it in the oven. This recipe is no exception. And, spoiler alert, it’s kid AND grown up friendly 😀 Oh, and if you’re wondering why all I have to show for it is iPhone’s because we were so excited that I literally forgot to grab my big girl camera to take a photo of it-it’s THAT good
    • Ingredients: Chocolate, Graham Crackers, Marshmallows
    • layer your desired amount of s’more ingredients into your pan starting with the chocolate. We used two Hershey’s bars, 6ish graham crackers and about 7 GIANT marshmallows.
    • Pop it into the oven at 400* for 10 minutes.
    • ENJOY-yes, it will be sticky and gooey but…isn’t that the point? We even enjoyed our leftovers for breakfast the next morning.
  9. Smoothing Shampoo + Junior Detangler: This shampoo is a must have during the summer especially if you’re dealing with humidity. This shampoo is packed with moisture and will keep your hair smooth and soft all summer long. We use the junior detangler on the kids every single day. It’s perfect for after the pool, after the bath, in the morning or, well, any time really.
  10. The Ultimate Mom Sandal: Don’t get me wrong. I love a cute pair of flip flops and I sware by my Birkenstocks BUT when it comes to chasing my kids around outside, going to the zoo, taking family walks, ALL the mom things…these are amazing. They’re super comfy to wear, they come in a HUGE assortment of styles and colors and you can run them under the hose for super easy cleaning.

Ready or not, summer time is here! Prep now + enjoy all of the sweet summa time fun without having to restock all of your faves! Wishing you all the loveliest summer!

Sharing is caring, lovelies, so by purchasing from some of these affiliate links I may earn a commission which is super great because then I can continue to buy + share my favorite things with you!





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