Okay-did you guys know I have a cactus obsession? Well, my cactus obsession is VERY real, so you can imagine my shock and awe when I stepped into this nursery. Who am I kidding, their entire house was a dream, but her nursery might be one of my favorites to date. Over coffee we chatted about how wild it is to bring a tiny little human home from the hospital. I mean, have you thought about how wild that is lately? Newborn sessions are so refreshing in that way because while we all have the same end goal-to have a baby-we also share some of the experiences like bringing a brand new baby home from the hospital and I love swapping stories and chatting while also capturing beautiful moments.

This session was a family affair in that we ended with traditional family portraits with their darling pup. He made some cameo appearances throughout the session but I love that we ended with them all snuggled up on the couch in a way that I hope they find themselves doing often as they navigate their new parenthood journey.

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