Where do I even begin with this darling family of five? I met them when they had just become a family of three and since then, I’ve welcome another baby, they’ve welcomed TWO more babies, they’ve built a beautiful home and they’ve invited me to capture the magic every step along the way. When they shared with me that they were expecting a baby GIRL I could hardly contain my excitement. Fast forward to their in home session (it’s true…I count down the days until you meet your babies too :D) and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it was such a treat to see them all moving through their morning with their three little loves in tow. At this point, I have my camera and am ‘working’ when I see them, but the relationship that I’ve built with this family makes our time together FEEL like family. Until I see them again, I am going to be right here. Swooning over all of the images of them and their sweetest little gal.

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