a roll of lomography 800 | fairview heights film photographer

one of my favorite things about shooting film is experimenting with different film stocks. i try to keep a variety in my bag so that whenever i’m feeling inspired, i can pop in a new stock + start playing!  recently i popped in a roll of lomography 800 into my canon 1v. for fun, i rated it at 100 which meant i was intentionally over exposing the film by several stops. the reviews mentioned that this particular stock was great for pops of color and saturation but not great for client work. luckily for me, i was just using it to photograph my children but in the name of experimenting, i was mindful to capture a variety of ‘stuff.’ i shot in soft, natural light, i shot into harsh sunlight, i snapped some fun candids, and i also grabbed a couple of portraits. i sent the roll off with great anticipation. i couldn’t wait to see the results! luckily, my lab has a super quick turnaround time + in no time at all, i had the scans sitting in my inbox! i was speechless. the colors rendered by overexposing the film were gorgeous. the skin tones were light + creamy and all i can really say is that i am SO happy that i purchased this film in a pack of 3 because i can’t wait to use it again!

2019-04-16_0020 2019-04-16_0019 2019-04-16_0018 2019-04-16_0017 2019-04-16_0016 2019-04-16_0015 2019-04-16_0014 2019-04-16_0013 2019-04-16_0012 2019-04-16_0011 2019-04-16_0010 2019-04-16_0009 2019-04-16_0008 2019-04-16_0007 2019-04-16_0006 2019-04-16_0005 2019-04-16_0004 2019-04-16_0003 2019-04-16_0002 2019-04-16_0001

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