Whew-April reads are here, though slim. For the first time this year, I started a book that I really and truly struggled to finish. However, the month got off to a great start to I still have a couple great reads to share!

  • Wild at Heart by K.A. Tucker: I fell in love with Calla and Jonah while reading the first book in this series, ‘The Simple Wild’ and I couldn’t wait to dive back into rugged Alaska with them again for the second book of the series! Now that Calla knows what to expect while living in Alaska, she takes the next step and really tries to immerse herself with the town and its people. Her and Jonah kind of fall into a house and some land to call their own and Calla quickly begins transforming it into a cozy home. With a slower lifestyle pace and Jonah flying full time (and then some) Calla digs deep to find things (and people) that can truly help her define her happiness. 4/5
  • Forever Wild (The Simple Wild 2.5) by K.A. Tucker: How cue is this little 2.5 book?! It’s literally 156 pages so it’s hardly considered the third book of the series but it is so darling in its own way that it certainly deserved its own title and front and back cover. This book is merely a holiday extension of ‘Wild at Heart’ and follows Calla and Jonah as they face their first holiday in Alaska, in their own home, no less. Jump into the holiday spirit with this super quick, super lovely read. 5/5
  • In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer: This was my book club’s April selection and it did not disappoint. Experiencing the worst morning ever, Franny finds herself let go from her job and on the subway home, box in hand. It can’t get much worse until her dress gets caught in the subway door and rips down the entire back, revealing her backside to every person riding the subway. Thank goodness for Hayes, who swooped in and lent her his suit jacket, but his generosity, quite literally, stops there. He dashes off the subway and Franny assumes she’s now the owner of his suit jacket and that he will never be seen again. But in our modern world, it’s only a matter of time before Franny and Hayes become a social media love story gone viral and they find themselves face to face in front of a camera for the local news to chat about Hayes’ heroic act of kindness on the subway. Franny’s nightmare deepens as she shares a little white lie about starting her own interior design company that eventually leads her to helping Hayes design his startup space…who’d have thought?! It’s such a charming read that I reckon it won’t take you more than a New York minute to consume it from start to finish. 4/5
  • The Stand by Stephen King: Welp. The reading groove that I had fallen into so peacefully this year came to a screeching halt with this book. I never read book descriptions before beginning so you can imagine my distress in the first few chapters when I realize that this book centers around a pandemic…yup. A pandemic. It wipes out nearly the entire U.S. population in a matter of weeks and the next 1100 pages center around the country’s effort to rebuild. However, there seem to be two sides trying to rebuild…one good, one evil. I don’t know if it’s because we’re only just starting to return to normalcy after the current pandemic or if it just wasn’t a good fit for me as a whole but it took me nearly an entire month to get through it and I could only read a handful of pages at a time. It didn’t quite pull me in and there were so many characters that I sometimes struggled to follow who was doing what, where, and why. If you’re in the mood for a pandemic read and have lots of patience, this book might be a good one for you. All things considered, I can only give it a 1/5.

Now that I have finally finished The Stand, I am back into a reading groove for the month of May and I can’t wait to share next month! So far I’ve read a really great self help book and I’m now diving into a brand new romance novel from one of my favorites authors. Until then, don’t be shy-drop your most recent reads in the comments so we can continue to inspire each other! If you’re thirsty for more, you can check out my March reads here!

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