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i am so proud of all of you for all of the photos that you’ve taken thus far. however, as of right now, i’m no longer encouraging you just to take photos. i’m encouraging you to print the photos that you take as well. there is no greater joy than holding a tangible print in your hand + then hanging it on the wall. my clients often ask where to print their photos or how to best display them in their home. have no fear. we’re going to chat all about it here.

first + foremost, let’s chat about where to get your photos printed. it’s easy to send an order to walgreens or walmart and pick them up within the hour, but i’m going to argue about quality here. assuming that you’re printing photos taken with your dslr, you owe it to yourself to print from a place with quality as good as the camera you’re shooting with. i often print from a local lab but is undeniably the best bang for your buck. their prints are reasonably priced and their quality is second to none. plus, they run frequent sales and you can earn points while you print to redeem later for more prints!

second, an obsession of mine: chatbooks. what’s a chatbook, you ask? to put it simply, chatbooks are the easiest way to print a collection of photos. the best part is that all you’ve got to do is download the app to your phone, sync it to your social media, and THEY DO THE REST. i’ve got chatbooks synched to all of my instagram accounts and for every 60 images i post, they send me an 8×8 soft cover book for about $10/book. the size of the book is perfect for sitting on a shelf and they are so much fun to flip through. as you can see, they also offer a variety of covers so that you can personalize them as much as you like. if your photo is loved enough that you post it to your social media, then it’s loved enough to print-so do it! download the app + get started! right now!2018-03-16_0009

canvases are also a favorite. the texture of a canvas adds a ton of visual appeal and because they arrive ready to hang, it doesn’t get much easier with regard to decor. is my go to source for canvases.

now, let’s chat about photos as decor. i have three areas in my home that i have designed to display photos. i chose to do these displays with photo frames so that i could easily swap prints in and out of the frames as my family changes. our mantle serves as the focal area of our living room and when my oldest daughter was born, i started purchasing one giant canvas at a time to hang in the center. however, after she turned a year old i realized i had approximately six 30×40 canvases and nowhere to display them. they started collecting dust in a closet and i decided to switch up the decor so that i only had to make one large initial investment for photo frames and then smaller investments from time to time to swap out the prints. i purchased a 16×20 frame and an 8×10 frame that i simply set on top of the mantle. every three months or so i snap a couple of updated family photos and pop them into the frames. the frames were purchased from hobby lobby and i love how much the ‘feel’ of them changes when i swap the prints.2018-03-16_0004

i’ve also got my long anticipated and beloved black + white wall. i really had to work on my husband with this particular display because it was a lot of work. however, now that the hard work is done, it’s easy to maintain. like the mantle, all i have to do is swap the prints out from time to time to keep it fresh. the frames are 12×12 black frames with a mat for an 8×8 photo from hobby lobby but they’re exactly like the ones found here on amazon.  lastly, i ordered 8×8 prints and the wall came to life! we hung them using command strips and ended up hanging 3 rows of 5 photos. you could obviously do yours with more or less photos depending on the size of your wall.2018-03-16_0005

in contrast to my black and white wall with fifteen 8×8 size photos, i decided to do one more wall with poster size prints. the size of our particular wall allowed for three 24×36 sized prints. i wanted the focus to be largely on the prints themselves, so i purchased 24×36 poster frames like these. i adore the life size appeal that these photos offer!


if you’re going to take a lot of photos, you may as well print a lot of photos. whether you order prints, chatbooks, canvases, or you purchase frames and add prints to display in your home, just doing it is half the battle. it doesn’t take long and the joy you’ll feel will be worth every second you spend placing your order. feel free to consult me with any questions or ideas that you have regarding your photos as decor! i’d love to see what you’re up to! take a photo of your display and share it to your social media using the hashtag #ClubClickPic! i can’t wait to see! have a splendid weekend, lovelies!

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