A Peek into my Camera Bag

i’m often asked about the gear that i use when i shoot. many are surprised when they find out how minimal my list of gear actually is. the truth is that you don’t need a bag full of lenses to be a great photographer and you certainly don’t need a bag full of lenses to create gorgeous images yourself. therefore, this week i’ve decided to open my bag + let you take a peek!


the bag: this bag is my favorite camera bag that i have ever owned. it is a backpack style which makes it so convenient both during my sessions and otherwise. it is spacious enough for my camera body with attached lens and an extra lens. there are more than enough pockets for extra cards and batteries and there are pockets on the front that are perfect for tossing my phone and car keys into! i have only owned kelly moore bags for my photography gear and have been thrilled with their quality and functionality. and let’s be honest, it’s also easy on the eyes 🙂


the camera: the most important thing in my camera bag is, obviously, my camera. i shoot with a canon 5d mark iii and even though they’ve come out with a mark iv, i don’t think i will ever stray from my mark iii. it’s fast, it works great in low light situations, and it is made to be a work horse. i purchased my mark iii about three years ago and have used it, quite literally, every single day since i purchased it. i would buy it again 100 times…that’s how much i love it.


the go-to lens: i’ve mentioned my love of the sigma 35mm lens before. it is hardly ever detached from my camera-except, of course, for this photo. i’ve owned this lens longer than i’ve owned my camera body and i don’t have one complaint. it’s fast, it’s sharp, the colors and bokeh are gorgeous, and i’ve found the distortion to be very minimal. i have tried a couple of times to replace this lens with different brands or focal lengths but i always ALWAYS come back to this one. it’s worth every single penny i paid for it.


the other lens: while i love my sigma 35mm lens for indoor photos, i find that the sigma 50mm lens is a great focal length for outdoor photos. i use this lens primarily for on-location sessions with my clients. like the 35mm, it’s fast, it’s sharp, and the colors and bokeh are gorgeous. i do use this lens from time to time indoors when i’m looking to shoot detail shots or something more intimate than what my 35mm can achieve. i purchased and used the canon 50mm lens and gave it up in a heartbeat after i used the sigma 50mm.


the strap: when i’m shooting, i need a reliable and comfortable strap. my leather strap from RSVPhandcrafted is the perfect fit for both my camera and personal style. i purchased through etsy and have been using it exclusively for the last three years. the leather’s now worn in and soft as butter so you won’t be disappointed should you decide to purchase one for yourself.

if you find yourself overwhelmed when shopping for camera gear, remember that less is often more. investing in one great lens is better than purchasing 4 mediocre lenses. besides, once you get into the groove of whatever you’re shooting, chances are you aren’t going to want to stop shooting to swap out your lenses. but if you do, make sure you’ve got a great camera bag close by to make swapping easy! feel free to send me any questions you have about any of my gear-i’m here to help!

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