There is no doubt that big sis was the real star of the show here! After realizing that this family lives literally one neighborhood over, I grabbed coffee + literally popped across the street to their house. Big sis was immediately all over it-she wanted to show me her little sister, her bedroom, her dog, her toys…she took hold of my heart and kept it for the entire session!

We did eventually add mom, dad and little sis to the mix and they are just the sweetest family of four..or shall we say 5…the good ol’ family pup joined the family photos as well and I am HERE for it! As we made our way to baby’s room for baby portraits, big sis disappeared and we got to work. Not too long after big sis snuck away, she reappeared with her step stool! She didn’t want to miss a thing and chatted about her little sister as if she’d known her for forever (which is super precious because clearly they are bffs in the making). Baby sis was SO content that we simply moved her from place to place under big sis’s watchful eye and then the most magical thing happened! Big sis helped me snap some of the photos! I love getting toddlers involved because I find that the more included they feel, the smoother the session goes.

I was so sad to see this session come to a close but, alas, it was lunchtime and big sis was ready for lunch! I’m not even sure little sis knew I was there but I have no complaints about that! The photos are proof of her snoozy vibes. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing this family again soon and I can’t WAIT!

If you’re inspired by this family session, let’s chat! I would love to serve you + your family while capturing your magic along the way.

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