This little lady cracks me up! You should have seen her mom and I trying to get her to crack a smile. So many times we thought ‘this is it!’ and then BAM her little lips stayed right where they were with no smile in sight! Smile or not, though, she’s a beauty and let’s be honest, she’s probably saving all of her smiles for her 12 month session. For now, she’s just scoping out everything and everyone and I can’t blame her for that.

I did pop my brand spankin’ new backdrop up for her and oh la la it is every bit as beautiful as I hoped it would be! Forever grateful for moms who hop in as proof that ‘I was here!’ and their mother daughter bond is truly something special.

In case you missed her newborn session, you can jump to it right here! Trust me, you won’t regret spending a little extra time on this beautiful family!

If you’re inspired by this milestone session, let’s chat! I would love to serve you + your family while capturing your magic along the way.

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