let’s talk baby food | {a personal story} | southern illinois lifestyle photographer

let’s chat about baby food. for starters, it seems as if one second you’re snuggling your brand new baby & the next second you’re encouraged to introduce solid food into their diet. at first, i admit i panicked a little. solid food?! how much?! what kind?! luckily, my cousin gifted me her ‘baby cook’ & a couple of lovely baby food recipe books so the decision to make harper’s baby food myself was an easy one. not to mention that baby food, like any other baby necessity, can get expensive so i was elated when i started comparing prices. i found that i could make yummy, organic baby food for harper for much less than it would cost me to buy it off the shelf! it was a win-win-harper gets yummy food, mommy doesn’t break the bank! i’ve been chatting with many of you lately about how easy it is to make food as well so i thought i’d share one of harper’s favorites, basic apple, from our ‘Baby Love’ recipe book. i know your sweet little is going to love it just as much as my harper! happy cooking 😀

we started with 5 freshly washed apples. peeling is an option, but because i purchased organic apples, i left the peel on so that she could absorb all of the apple’s nutrients!


from there, we cut each apple in half, removed the core, and cut into slices




we placed all of our slices into a pot with 8oz of water. we brought the water to a boil & let the apple slices steam for about 8 minutes, or until the apples were soft



once the apple slices were soft, we carefully moved them from our pot to our baby cook where we pureed the apple slices until they were smooth.



this left us with a gorgeous white-ish, pinkish puree that we poured into our silicone ice cube trays and voila! we popped the silicone trays into the freezer and had ourselves some super yummy & organic apple puree! 5 apples yielded approximately 22 servings of baby food (one cube=one serving). now pat yourself on the back, mama, and enjoy watching your sweet little one fall in love with your simple baby food creation!




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