May Reads

How Are You, Really? by Jenna Kutcher: I am a HUGE Jenna fangirl and have been for years. When she announced she was writing a book, I pre ordered ASAP and then was thoroughly honored to be a part of her book launch team! The book officially launches at the end of this month and if you’re an entrepreneur, mother, or someone who is currently searching for what the next chapter of your life will look like, this book is a must read. It will force you to listen-really listen- to that tiny voice inside your head. She’ll guide you step by step until you’ve hopped out of the passengers seat and back into the drivers seat of your own journey. You’ll also smile + find inspiration along the way. When you’re ready to find out how are you, REALLY…you’ll need to grab this book. Trust me. 5/5

Book Lovers by Emily Henry: I pre ordered this one too as it was highly anticipated and I’m still riding the high of Alex and Poppy from Emily Henry’s ‘People We Meet on Vacation.’ ‘Book Lovers’ was cute. It follows Nora, a cutthroat literary agent, as she flies full speed ahead through her life content being cutthroat in her career and the mother figure to her sister, Libby. When Libby suggests taking a month long trip to a small town in North Carolina, Nora obliges, quick to always make her sister happy. While she’s crossing things off of Libby’s to do list (picnic in the meadow, date with a local, etc) she keeps running into her nemesis from New York, Charlie. Turns out, Charlie is closer to the small town than any of them knew and it might make it a sister summer trip she’ll never forget. 4/5

Meet Me In the Margins by Melissa Ferguson: This book was surprisingly charming. It was my book club’s selection for the month and it didn’t disappoint. Savannah, an editor for a prestigious publishing company, loves her job but also longs to write a novel of her very own. She takes to a secret room in the publishing house to store her precious and personal novel and one day, she discovers that someone has written notes…in the margins of her manuscript. And so begins a loving process between mystery editor and aspiring author to write the perfect novel. But who IS this mystery editor? You’ll have to read to find out and trust me-you won’t want to miss this one. 5/5

Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins: THIS book is a breath of fresh air. The last two that I read were charming romance novels but this…THIS is an ominous story that begins with couple Lux + Nico, who are hired to sail two women to a remote island. The island has a spooky and mysterious past but it doesn’t stop other travelers who meet Lux, Nico and their two two clients on the island. A friendship forms and a trip to paradise unfolds. But with more twists and turns than a roller coaster, this book was a treat from start to finish. 5/5

All of my April reads can be found here in case you missed it or are hungry for more!

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