path to preset perfection bootcamp | day 1


to put it simply, exposure refers to how light or dark a photo is. personally, i prefer my exposure to be extra bright so you’ll notice that the exposure is bumped up in many of my presets. but here’s a little secret. ‘highlights’ and ‘whites’ also aid in the overall brightness or darkness of your photo. if you apply one of your kelsi bailey presets and feel that your image is too bright or ‘blown out,’ try adjusting the highlights and whites before playing with your exposure. on the contrary, if you’re feeling like your image is still too dark for your preference after applying a kelsi bailey preset, make adjustments to your exposure first. find your desired exposure and then make adjustments to your highlights and whites for that extra pop of bright and airy-ness. check out the video below where I put both of these exercises into practice on my own images!

whew! path to preset perfection bootcamp day one is complete! high five! enjoy the rest of your day + let’s meet right back in your inbox tomorrow morning, okay? See you then!

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