path to preset perfection bootcamp | day 4


in a perfect world, all of our photos would be perfectly lit and every photo we snapped would be perfection. however, sometimes even i snap photos in poor light. when i find myself with a less than perfect photo, i typically opt for my ‘sugar’ preset but sometimes my images become really ‘noisy’ when i brighten them up. i am personally a lover of all images grainy + noisy but if you aren’t, have no fear-we’re about to soften those noisy images. just say ‘bibbity boppity boo!’

with just one day of bootcamp to go, i hope you’re all loving the presets and are feeling like a Lightroom mobile master. you all deserve to have gorgeous images so cheers to you for making it this far! enter the sound of our glasses clinking + me squealing with delight while i hug you! let’s meet here again tomorrow for one final lesson. You in?

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