a new home for new memories | southern illinois family photographer

i have been photographing this beautiful family since they welcomed their first daughter nearly four years ago! since then i have watched them welcome a second daughter, sell their first family home and build a brand new family home. when i stepped into their new home for their most recent session, it took my breath away. the space felt absolutely perfect for them and watching them love on each other in each of the rooms was an absolute delight. in fact, the older of their two daughters would’ve let me photograph her all evening i think. she was so proud of her new room and loved playing with different poses and accessories. we had such fun! i am beyond blessed to photograph clients that, who at the end of the day, are also dear friends. so here’s to you, ‘G’ family! When you’re ready to sip a cold brew and giggle with me some more, you know where to find me 😀

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