path to preset perfection bootcamp | day 5


we have been diving so deep into lightroom that i’m giving y’all a break today. instead of a tutorial, i’m sharing a few of my favorite apps for further polishing the images that i take on my iPhone. they’re all free to download + have LOTS of free in app options to choose from. once you’ve edited your mobile images with a kelsi bailey preset and exported them to your camera roll, i know you’ll be excited to share them and these three apps will add a little spice to your share!

  1. ‘Unfold’ | unfold is a great free app that adds borders and a few extra frills to your images that make sharing-particularly to your instagram stories-really clean. they have two sets of templates available for free and the interface is very user friendly. i use the templates from the CS1 pack ALL THE TIME and have purchased both the FF1 and JN1 packs because i love + use them so often. if there’s something live in my instagram stories right now, there’s a 99% chance that the images are tucked inside of an unfold template.


2.’Word Swag’ | word swag makes adding stylish typography to your mobile images SO EASY…like, way easy. they have tons of great fonts for free, and like Unfold, it’s super easy to navigate. it’s fun to use your mobile images as a background and experiment with inspirational quotes, or, if you’re a business owner, it’s also a huge relief to have such stylish typography power on your phone. no more sitting in Photoshop or InDesign to design gorgeous typography, people. woohoo!


3.’PLANN’ | consistency is a huge word on instagram right now. a huge word in all of social media, really. if you’re striving for consistency and cohesion in your feed, plann is a must have. you can link one account for free and what it does is allow you to see how your feed will look with certain photos added. it will pull up your current instagram gallery and then you can add photos that you’re thinking about posting and see how they flow within your feed before you actually post it. it’s brilliant and has been a total game changer for me! 2019-06-21_0003

WHEW-you’ve done it! you have crossed the finish line + officially completed the path to preset perfection bootcamp! high five-group hug-you are amazing! i couldn’t have done this bootcamp without you and every time i see you tag #kelsibaileypresets on your images, a huge smile crosses my face so even though we are bidding bootcamp farewell, i am still here rooting for you! keep snapping, keep sharing, keep rocking!

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