GOOD, CLEAN FUN…but for your skin

Quick reminder-your skin is your largest organ. Have you peeked at your skincare product labels lately? When I did, I was a tad bit alarmed.

If you’re looking at your labels right now and struggling to pronounce or comprehend any of the words that you see, do you really want all of, well, whatever it is, to be sinking into your skin and entering your body? If the answer is no, you’re not alone and Primally Pure is here for ya. With labels you can read and products that deliver real results, Primally Pure is my one stop shop for nontoxic skincare, deodorant, dry shampoo and more.

oh, hello you

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The Cleansing Oil removes my makeup + excess oil while feeling like a mini spa treatment every single night. It’s the step I never skip!



The Everything Spray is the bees knees. It heals, tones, and leaves my face feeling crisp and refreshed.



I use both the Plumping Cream and the Plumping Serum. I used to really struggle with dry skin but since introducing the Primally Pure beauty creams and serums, my skin has been soft and supple.

My skincare journey started years ago and at first it included lots of trips to my dermatologist, expensive prescriptions and lots of products that promised results but yielded none. On a whim, I tossed some cleansing oil + a tube of natural deodorant from Primally Pure into my cart (no different than the 100 other times I’d done the same thing) but something different happened this time. This time, my skin healed and not only does it feel good (like hello nightly spa vibes)..but my skin looks pretty darn good, too.

The transformation speaks for itself. The Primally Pure products delivered on their promises. This before + after was taken during my first 6 months of using their products. I’ve been loyal for years since then and my skin looks (and feels) better than ever. I guess it’s true what they say-nature can be smarter than science.


The 5 Primally Pure Products I can’t live without

I have 3 kiddos that have all struggled with eczema. The baby oil and baby balm soothe their flare ups and my son asks for their body butter by name (his favorite is the eucalyptus + mint) because he says it’s the only lotion that doesn’t ‘sting’ his skin. My girls are ballerinas and therefore from time to time they wear makeup for their performances. I love offering them my cleansing oil to remove their makeup because I know it isn’t harming their supple skin! P.S. I have 5 mommy uses for baby balm right here just in case you aren’t sold quiiiiiiite yet.
Psst-Primally Pure isn’t just for your beautiful face…
Sure, it’s Primally Pure Skincare BUT I use their products on my hair and pits, too! In fact, their nontoxic deodorant was one of the first products I tried and, between you and me, I’ve even converted my husband to a nontoxic deo lover. I’m a vanilla + citrus gal, he’s a charcoal guy and we will NEVER buy drugstore deo again (you can read all about my armpit detox here). Oh, and their dry shampoo? Their blend for both light + dark locks include lavender to soothe your scalp and peppermint to naturally encourage hair growth. I sprinkle it in before I go to bed and when I wake up, my hair is ready to rock. It’s a yes for me.

Yoga for my face? Sign me up! I understand that the health of my skin is not dependent on my skincare alone. I know it’s a beautiful balance of what I’m nourishing my body with, my water intake, and yes, I get by with a little help from my friends. My friends named gua sha stone, facial roller, facial cups, facial dry brush and body dry brush. What started as a simple way to physically and mentally unwind every night with a gua sha stone routine has transformed into a deep appreciation for my lymphatic system. To keep my lymphatic system happy, I give it a little extra love every night by either using my facial cups or gua sha stone. In the morning a quick brush with the facial dry brush wakes up my lymphatic system which gets my body detoxing before the day even begins.

Listen-I’m a real gal sitting on the other end of your screen and I am here for you. Questions about Primally Pure or their products? I got you-drop me a line below and let’s get to chatting!