5 Mommy Uses for Baby Balm

It’s no secret that I love finding all natural alternatives to the products that we use in our household every single day. One of the items we’ve been reaching for daily here lately has been our Baby Balm from Primally Pure. But don’t let the name fool you! While, yes, I use it on my babies daily (it’s a dynamite diaper cream, cradle cap soother and the best balm for dry skin) I’ve also fallen in love with 5 ways that I use it too! What I love most of all is that it’s comprised of just five ingredients-all of which I can pronounce! So how am I using it for myself? Well, I thought you’d never ask! Oh, and before I forget, my friends at Primally Pure hooked me up with a discount code so that you can grab your baby balm at a discount! Use code ‘Kelsi.bailey10’ to take advantage at checkout!

  1. Eye Cream: It’s velvety rich texture makes it perfect for applying under my eyes before I go to sleep. A little bit goes a long way. My under eyes have a dewey glow that feels just as yummy as it looks-and I can’t argue with the tallow from grass fed cows that’s in it! Hello Vitamin A, D E, and K!
  2. Cuticle Cream: With all the hand washing, dish washing and bathing that our hands encounter as mamas, it’s no surprise that our cuticles and knuckles struggle to stay hydrated! Enter baby balm. Slap a little on any of your troubled areas and let the balm do the rest!
  3. Nipple Cream: Yes, yes, yes! Finally a nipple cream without any guilt! No need to wipe off before your baby begins their next nursing session-that’s the power of all natural ingredients!
  4. Belly Butter: Stretch marks, am I right? Before, during, and after your pregnancy why not give your belly the best nourishment? After all, it may arguably be the skin on our bodies that takes the most severe beating so it definitely deserves the TLC that baby balm will deliver. It’s packed with organic marshmallow root which is nature’s answer for preventing stretch marks.
  5. Eczema: The pure emu oil in the baby balm is anti-inflammatory and combined with the organic calendula infusion it’s a dream come true for eczema patches. Not only will it moisturize, but it will penetrate below the surface to truly heal from the inside out.

I know, amazing, right? I don’t blame you for keeping one in your purse and another one in the diaper bag. It’s too good NOT to share.

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