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In the midst of all my nontoxic research, I stumbled upon some frightening information. As you know, lately I’ve been going all in with nontoxic haircare, skincare, and ‘clean’ makeup. What I hadn’t given ANY thought to was my antiperspirant. When it was brought to my attention that our drugstore antiperspirants are riddled with toxic ingredients, I took notice. Obviously the toxic ingredients got my attention but what was more alarming was the information surrounding the AREA that we apply our antiperspirants to and the repeated use of them over time. Think about it-we apply antiperspirant every.single.day. and every single day we apply it to our underarms which is right next to our lymph nodes and our breast tissue. Ladies-did you read that? Our breast tissue! That sealed the deal for me. I immediately dove into the ingredients on the back of my drugstore antiperspirant and set out in search of a more natural product.

The ‘active ingredient’ that was listed on the back of my antiperspirant was aluminum. In addition, it contained benzyl salicylate, triclosan, parabens and the all too mysterious ‘fragrance’ among other things. These toxins can cause hormonal disruption, heavy metal toxicity, skin allergies and a weakened immune system. To that I say-NO THANK YOU-especially when I really got to thinking about how many years I’ve been wearing antiperspirant and how I apply it to my skin every single day, sometimes even multiple times a day. I found an all natural alternative from Primally Pure and dove headfirst into an armpit detox. And here’s how it went.

I ordered their 100% natural lavender deodorant and two seconds later, I tossed my drugstore antiperspirant into the trash. I was more than willing to spend a couple of days deodorant free to avoid further exposure to all of the yuck that I had just thrown away. Now, I had read several things about an armpit detox and while some of them rang true, I admit that overall I have been really, truly pleased with the switch. Did I sweat a little more than normal? Yes. But this was simply a mindset shift. Sweating is healthy. It is ridding our bodies of toxins that we don’t need instead of clogging our pores which just discourages our bodies from undergoing a very natural process. The extra sweat was hardly soaking through my shirts and was really only noticeable when I was in labor, which just so happened to be two days into the detox. Perfect timing, right? If I’m being honest, even the hormonal night sweats that I experienced postpartum weren’t any MORE icky because of the detox so it was hardly a deterrent.

Did I develop any underarm breakouts? No. I even broke the cardinal rule and shaved my underarms and then immediately applied the deodorant. Four weeks in, not one single bump or breakout, or any kind of irritation for that matter.

Did I smell a little icky from time to time while detoxing? Maybe a little-particularly in the first few days-but not icky enough that I ever considered going back to my drugstore antiperspirant.

Did my all natural deodorant glide on as silky smooth as my antiperspirant? No. In fact, if I had to pick the BIGGEST difference between the two, the actual application would be it. The texture of all natural deodorant is a little different than that of drugstore antiperspirants so when you apply it to your underarms (just a swipe or two is all it takes) it isn’t as smooth but I assure you that it still gets the job done. In fact, the ingredients in my all natural deodorant not only combat my BO but they also support my hormone health, my nervous system and my immunity. To that I say-YES PLEASE-especially considering that I apply it every single day to my underarms which, as you recall, is right next to my lymph nodes and breast tissue.

If you want to make one positive change to impact your physical health, tossing your current drugstore antiperspirant and swapping it for an all natural deodorant is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a positive change. I am so thrilled that I made the switch and I will NEVER purchase a drugstore antiperspirant again. If you’re ready to make the positive change for yourself and your overall health, use code ‘Kelsi.bailey10’ to get 10% off your purchase! I promise that you’ll be glad you did. If you’re still feeling hesitant, pick up your current drugstore antiperspirant and scan it into the EWG app and see what might be hidden in the ingredient list. Knowledge is power 🙂

My armpits aren’t the only place I’ve vowed to go non-toxic! My favorite skincare lineup is both anti aging AND nontoxic and it’s all found right here.

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