You wouldn’t know by looking at these photos, but we had a bit of a chilly morning for this session! In true Midwest fashion, Mother Nature dealt us a blustery (and sunny!) morning but it didn’t even matter. These two (or should I say three) knocked it out of the park!

The anticipation that a couple feels before welcoming their first bebe is so palpable that I would photograph maternity sessions forever just to feel it with them! I could sense their excitement and tenderness for their bebe from the minute we said hello to the minute we parted ways (with gooey butter cake in hand, thank you very much).

We walked and talked and ultimately giggled our way through Lafayette Square Park while swapping pregnancy stories and chatting about nursery decor. I left the session and immediately started counting down the weeks until I get to see them again. But the next time I see them…they will be snuggling their sweet baby on the outside (in the beautiful nursery we chatted about) instead of just via this mama’s adorable bebe bump. In the meantime, you have our permission to fall in love with their stroll through Lafayette Square Park.

If you’re inspired by this maternity session, let’s chat! I would love to serve you + your growing family while capturing your magic along the way.

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