I’m not sure when photography sessions became a source of stress. Do you? So often I hear people claim ‘We really need to update our family photos but the thought of getting it scheduled and getting outfits together and hoping and praying that my kids behave just feels too stressful!’

Remember-I’m a mom, too. I’m right there with you. But I think it’s time to flip the narrative. Family sessions should NOT bring stress into your life. Like, at all. Instead, let’s start viewing family sessions as an invitation to slow down. Let’s view them as an opportunity to step away from all of our other ‘to do’s’ for an hour and just…be. Stay with me here-I promise that letting go of the stress is as easy as it sounds. P.S.-did you know that I created an entire timeline for a stress for session? Yup-it’s right here and ready for ya!

But let’s assume you’ve booked your session already and are feeling the stress creep in-stop right there! Grab something to sip and let’s kick that stress to the curb. Allow me to put your mind at ease by encouraging you to stop stressing about these four thing right now.

  • Your kids’ behavior. Stop stressing about this! Part of my job (and any other photographer, really) is to gauge your kids’ personalities and work accordingly. Yes, that’s part of my job! Plus, I send out a questionnaire prior to sessions so if there are any triggers or things you want to make sure I’m aware of, put it in the questionnaire! Stressing about whether your kids will or won’t behave (spoiler alert…they will, I promise!) is a waste of your precious energy.
  • The weather. I’m just going to throw this out there. We can’t control the weather. If you’ve hired a good photographer, they aren’t going to leave you hanging. Photographers are peeking at the weather as often as you are so we’ll reach out and chat about alternative options if it becomes necessary. No stress required.
  • Breakouts + blemishes. It never fails that days before your session, the world’s biggest pimple lands smack dab in the middle of your forehead. Fear not-there’s an app for that. Technically, it’s just fancy photography software but either way, don’t let stress about a blemish cause more stress and therefore, more blemishes.
  • Lastly, I urge you to stop losing sleep worrying about whether you’re going to love the photos you’ve so carefully invested in. If you’ve hired a photographer that you trust, you have nothing to worry about. Your photographer’s job is to make you look your best so sit back, relax, love on your people, and trust that your photographer will do the rest.

Well, how are you feeling?! Less stressed I hope! When you schedule yourself a facial, I’d be willing to bet that you don’t spend the weeks leading up to it feeling anxious and stressed. Treat your photo sessions the same way. There is, after all, no better way to treat yourself than to invest in photos that you will treasure forever. I promise you with my whole heart that if you let go of the stress, you’ll start to view photo sessions in a brand new light. And, of course, if you’re ready to schedule a session and forget the stress, let’s chat. I’d love to make some magic with you!

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